High School Athlete Emergency. Don't be fooled by "Factory Fitness" dressed up as athletic development.

Learn how to move towards breakthrough performance. Consistent breakthrough performance. Every single game.

Learn from the experience of hundreds of other high school athletes looking for massive boosts in strength and athletic performance.

In the next few pages I’m going to “reframe” your reality… just a little — but enough to give you some big “Ah-Ha!” moments.

Before we get any further – let me ask you a question:

What is the most important thing today in building athletic performance?

I doubt you will get even close but give it a shot anyways. I will come back to this later. Promise.

Hearing stories of pain, frustration, failure and hope from countless numbers of high school athletes motivates a coach to start looking for the answers.

Right answers. The answers that actually work.

Not some gimmick. But real, measurable and repeatable gains in performance.

So that’s exactly what I did.

Here is an important secret – a shift in paradigm – that at first most high school athletes won’t accept…

… you already have everything you need!

That, right there, should be your first big “Ah-Ha!” moment.

But it goes against the grain of everything you have been told and taught.

So let me explain a bit further. By sharing something I learned first-hand.

High school athletes in a frantic search for quick gains and fast results are confusing:

  • Effort with Effectiveness
  • Weight with Strength
  • Stress with Performance
  • Potential with Success


There is one thing that, once learned, will finally give you breakthrough performance – every single game.

This one thing is the cornerstone of college level athletic training programs that high school athletic programs just aren’t equipped for.

They don’t have the budget for it. They don’t have the properly trained and experienced staff for it. And the result is that you, the high school athlete, are left behind with a knowledge gap.

And there you are… working your heart out, just like Jake, to qualify for the college level playing field.

My belief is that high school athletes are some of the hardest working people in the world. The amount of energy and persistence you put into building your performance can be astounding. And yet…

… all too often the performance never matches the potential.

Simply put – most high school athletes are sold a poor bill of goods.

Does the following kind of advice and thinking sound familiar?

“Benching heavier weight will improve performance strength on the field”

“Intense plyometric training sessions will improve speed and agility in the game”

“Mass and strength gain is the key to power versus an opponent”

Do you know that there is a major underlying flaw with each one of these philosophies that is holding you back?

College level athletic programs know this. And they make sure to invest time, money and energy into addressing these fundamental flaws in sports philosophy that high school graduates come to them with.

You think that a big bench press and a huge squat will make you better, but you are mistaken.

You are most likely doing way too much of both, thinking that it is making you better. And the worst part is that you don’t realize the intense efforts you are putting in now will most likely start hindering your performance.

My aim is to “reframe” your perception somewhat… and then show you how simple it can be to achieve breakthrough results over and over again.

This is not a magic formula system though. So if you are looking for a “silver bullet pill” or a “monster strong crazy power powder” offer at the end – you are in the wrong place and need to leave.

But if you are just like the countless high school athletes I work with every single day – the ones that know what it means to sweat and bleed for gains and victory… this is for you.

If you know what it means to push yourself so hard that you puke… if you know what it means to want something so bad you are willing to spend hours and hours looking for answers… if you want something so bad that you hang visual reminders on your bathroom or bedroom wall of what you will one day accomplish

Then this is for you and dedicated to you.

… But you have to be ready to listen. And apply. What you are about to learn will be a shift from what you have been taught. And a shift is what’s required to get your performance into the next gear.

In the next few pages I’m going to bust a few myths for you and share with you the process that transforms high school hopefuls into college breakthroughs.

Let’s start.

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